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July 20, 2014


I'm attending the Sun Valley Writers Conference -- which is every bit as gruellng as it sounds -- and last night I was at a dinner with some of the other writers, including U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. I took the opportunity to share with Justice Breyer some of my thoughts on constitutional law, and as you can see, he was intrigued.

DB and Breyer

I made one point so thought-provoking that it caused Justice Breyer to assume a pose of extreme thoughtfulness.

DB and Breyer 2

Don't thank me. I'm just doing my job as an American citizen and an English major.

(Photos by Scott Turow, with direction from Hector Elizondo. Really)


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Dave, are you sure that is extreme thoughtfulness being expressed by Justice Breyer in the second photograph? He may be contemplating the intentions of the squirrel that's sitting on the tree branch directly over your head.

He's thinking "For this, I went to law school?"

"Jack Bauer on the Supreme Court? Intriguing..."

am i the Only one who read this as 'justin bieber' ?

Dave's probably disagreeing with the infamous "Booger" ruling.

"Did Dave say that laws are picked, licked and flicked, or boogers?"

Forget the law... What does he know about the Roswell thing ?

"You're right, low-flow toilets ARE unconstitutional."

"Beam me up, Scotty. There is no intelligent life down here."

You can't handle the truth.

am i the Only one who read this as 'justin bieber' ?
I thought the same thing ligirl. The second picture makes it look like Justice Breyer was trying to figure out if he could get away by climbing the tree.

To put a small spin on _The Paper Chase_, "You come in here thinking like a lawyer, and leave here with a skull full of mush."

Wow, Dave actually got to meet the inventor of Breyer's ice cream. I'm jealous.

Dave your pictures are worth a thousand words. At least the "Dip" sign isn't in this one. Thank heavens there wasn't any bird poop coming out of the tree.

I will be greatly disappointed if Dave failed to ask him what they wear under their robes. But I'm not all that worried.

Actually, maybe that is Justice Breyer's reply about how Dave might find out.

Dave? In a striped shirt? Don't tell us you have gone all Sun Valley...

Be thankful it wasn't Scalia. He eats journalists... Allegedly, of course.

Dave, well at least you were man enough to wear a long sleeve shirt, any guy in short sleeves is a carpet salesman or worse. Oh Yea, SC Judges are lawyers, and that is way worse than carpet salesmen.

OK, who glued his finger to his chin?

Wait - Dave wrote a book?

Next time I see Dave, I am gonna have to discuss this name dropping thing with him.

Maybe they're discussion where The Override Device is...

ASK, good point. Jim Gaffigan said he was discussing that with his friends Bono and Bishop Tutu.

Isn't Associate Justice Breyer the one who keeps on getting robbed? I think he's happy to talk to anyone who doesn't have a machete.

I sure hope that he didn't take any active liberties with you, Dave. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I really liked him when his group backed up Diana Ross.


JB: * hmmmmm.... looks like rain *

Excuse the nature of my untimely inquisition, but has the judge made a decision on the incident that took place at 38 seconds of this until now sealed document.


This Breyer guy isn't a judge or anything. His first name is 'Justice'. His friends (he doesn't have any I know of) call him 'Justy'. He has a real weak neck. Whenever he pushes up on his chin his head flops back.This especially happens when he talks to someone who's trying to explain a subtle line in a Barry Manilow song. Like the guy in the striped shirt.

Dave, I don't believe I've ever seen you frown so much.

Where's your happy face?

Dave could you ask him if it's true that Sandra Day O'Connor was a real party animal before she retired?

First a dip, then a Breyer... way to celebrate National Ice Cream Day

Time to pop a tic-tac, Dave. Justice Breyer's body language is screaming, "YOU'RE INVADING MY PERSONAL SPACE."

Welcome back ligirl! We’ve missed you here.

I suppose this isn’t your first set of comments in a long while, though I’m only seeing you listed now.

Once Dave is elected President, then he can appoint himself to the court. And finally, this country will start to operate the way it should.

Looks like he's getting ready to unleash a poop tornado, if you ask me

He's got that "I wonder if I can climb this tree to get away from this guy" look on his face. I've seen it before when....HEY WAIT A MINUTE...

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