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July 28, 2014


Finally, a chair that replicates the look, feel, and smell of human flesh

(Thanks to James Fitzwilliam)


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Hopefully it doesn't smell like Roseanne Barr.

It should have tatoos to be authentic.

Can someone help me find my keys? I think I lost them in the...

Can you scratch the covering?

Great, furniture that smells like arm pit!

So many things wrong with this, just pondering where to begin staggers the imagination.

'the edgar'

I saw it warming up for Gentle Giant in '74. Helluva show.

I need one of these.

The idiocracy is here.

I should put a picture of that on my fridge...as a dietary aid.

I'm also wondering if the care instructions include anything like "It rubs the lotion on its skin..."

("Hello, Buffalo Bill's Taxidermy and Upholstery Shop, how may I help you...?")

Euuuwwww. Just plain euuww. It's making my skin crawl just thinking about it.

Funky cheese between the cushions. That lost change will never be recovered.

Looks like a hydrocele is what it looks like.

Also,if you're celebrating, Eid Mubarak!

Up to now, I've never been aware of wanting to be, "...lounging in the fleshy, comforting folds of a man’s belly."
After seeing this, well...
Nope. Still not feeling it.
Thank goodness.

There are three reasons I wouldn't buy this chair.
1. It's ugly
2. It costs $2,545
3. There is no #3.
Did I mention it costs $2,545 for this ugly chair?

I believe it's Eid Al Fitr if you're referring to Ramadan.

I don't even like when my own scrotum gets stuck to my leg.

If you could make it look and feel like a woman's lap, that would be one thing, but what was the idea of basing a chair on a man's skin? OOOhh, NTTAWWT.

*snork* @ Layzeeboy - that's jes nuts!

Welcome! Here, have a seat on my balls.

Yeah Tex, I know. In Arabic 'Eid Mubarak' means 'Blessed Eid'. Sorta like saying 'Congrats'. At least I used it a bunch of times in that context when I worked in Oman, and didn't get my visa cancelled, so must not've been insulting anyone too badly. Having said that, much of my Arabic left a lot of my patients and families laughing so hard they'd cry.

Uh, none for me, thanks, I'll just have the coffee table that tastes like coffee.

I'm I the only one to notice that this freakish "chair" looks like it's sweating?

That was just like looking in a mirror!

nurse cindy, I think you are missing the decorating potential of this, so picture four of them in a grouping on a marble floor overlooking Lake Lucerne thru floor to ceiling windows, with a bear skin rug in the center, Euro-Man-Cave! AMiRIGHT ?


You're correct. I was hung up on the end of Ramadan. I was in Saudi for nine years and managed to avoid deportation as well. I could always find the hamam though (just say the word with a desperate look on your face - works every time).

I went to high school with Ed Mubarak.

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