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July 22, 2014


World's largest aquatic insect specimen found in China


(Thanks to John Gregg and Bill Hudgins)


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It's so big; no wonder we couldn't find it all these years.

You know, I always wanted to go hang-gliding and couldn't afford it...

That is scary looking. They probably catch it and grind it up in some sea food dish or something

looks like a drone

( we're gonna need a MUCH bigger fly swatter )

Oh, shoot, that'll teach me not to look at the header before posting an unoriginal comment. So instead I'll just say that if this fella ran into a bug zapper in China they'd probably be responding to distress flares in Des Moines.

"I'm giving up booze. What to do with the money I'll save? Save for retirement? Nah. Set some aside for the kid's education? Nope. Donate it to charity? As if. I know! I'll spend it on tattoos of Homer J. Simpson."

Yeah. And post in the wrong thread while I'm at it.
I am so smart! SMRT!

If they're like our dobsonflies, their mandibles are sexually dimorphic. The picture appears to show paternity claws.

I had a paternity claws in my last prenup.

I saw Freakishly Large Fly open for The Beatles.

I predict that in less than a week, breeding colonies of these things will be found in the Everglades.

I hear Jeff Bezos is training them to deliver packages since the FAA doesn't like his drones.

Two words: Florida cockroach.

@ligirl: I'd say your "bigger fly swatter" should be at least a 20-gauge, for that thing...

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