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July 30, 2014


Evidently not.


(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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They probably would have caught this before it went on air but the people who normally man the phones were out chasing their refrigerators.

The usual DPW spokesperson, Cherie Bomb, was unavailable.

who flung poo - lou slungpue?

better than the day a guy walked on to the set and held up the anchor during a live broadcast.

In my day, we'd have swallowed a cherry bomb and then pooped it down the chute. Lighting it was the real challenge.

cindy, they were checking if they had Prince Albert in a can.

I can see some of the idiotic anchors here doing the same thing. More than one has admitted to never leaving Manhattan and when you hear the way they pronounce Brooklyn locations you can believe it.

Just like the Korean pilots.

Slunepue's real name was, in fact, Wi Tu Lo.

I don't think they should call those TV-types talking heads. That implies that there is a brain somewhere in the vicinity.

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