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July 27, 2014


It ain't just potatoes. 



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I-da-whoa !

You know what I like best about Idaho? It's political history. In the 1860's, the Republican governor of the Idaho Territory, Gov. David Wesley Ballard (an Oregon Senator appointed by President Andrew Johnson) ordered federal troops to surround the state legislature at one point to prevent the threat of rioting by the Democrats (who destroyed their desks and property in the Capitol in the meantime) and arrest every Democrat until and unless they took the oath of the Union. No other Governor ever did that - before or since. Would make a great movie. Ballard was the Reagan of that time, but he only has a dormitory wing named after him at the U of Idaho...

Always loved Idaho. Best place in the USA, after Texas. And mid-summer, even before Texas. I was absolutely shocked how many Idahoans are transplanted Texans.

Enough that the ones who are not made it clear to me that I was just visiting.

They do mention scenic, but even so, it is kinda largely about potatoes.

It's a great place to live, except for all the damn vampires.

I got the words, bam! I got all of the words all at once and ran into the house to write the words down. The lawn mower kept going over into the neighbor's yard and ate the garden. It was an expensive song to write!"

And, hole-ee mole-ee, does it get cold there!

Their college team is the Vandals. When they get hold of potatoes, turn out the lights, Missy.

What a gorgeous picture. I've never been to Idaho but after seeing this I may have to visit there someday.

Beautiful, Dave!

It really is where the Boise are.

But remember: you never go full potato.

Actually Dave, the correct term is Spuds (but we'll excuse you, since you're a foreigner).

Yes, I would like fries with that.

Fabulous landscape.

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