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July 08, 2014


Family discovers new home overrun by venomous snakes

(Thanks to Focalpoint)


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'The herpetologist came up with a plan to control the copperhead population'
A 12 gauge, I trust.

The heck with Orkin. I'd want a SWAT team dispatched immediately.

The ad said it was a " charming " bungalow. What did they expect ?

As the picture shows, copperheads are normally pretty docile around humans unless directly threatened; we're not their prey. There are much more dangerous animals in Texas, like Rick Perry.

Yep, Ralph, in all my encounters with Copperheads, none, zero, zilch have ever reacted negatively.
I've been within inches of them before I knew they were there and learned an important lesson: if you don't act scared, they don't know they're supposed to be scary.

In Alabama, fangs for the mammaries....

Well, Ralph, it did have a mask over its eyes.

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