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July 29, 2014


Hickory police arrested a Connelly Springs man after a store manager spied him talking to bushes Monday, officials said.

(Thanks to funny man)


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Maybe it was Moses? Was the bush flaming?

So which bush was he talking to, G.H.W.B., G.W.B.,
or Jeb? Stoopid reporters!!!

We might as well shred the so-called Constitution and be done with it.

Don't waste yer time on them dang-blasted Bushes. Bunch a pretzel-chokin' drunks pretending they's cowboys. I wouldn't give a used pisant for all of 'em together.

I have friends who call that foreplay.

It's Bushes fault.

"Officials could not confirm if Norman was under the influence of any substances."

But when he tried to summon the Invisible Swordsman they were pretty sure.

Word is that JEB is running...

We would be as bad as France for bringing in one King Louis after another, repeat after me No More Bush.....

Could've ben worse. He could've been talking to the Clinton's.

When we had our Dodge, I used to talk to it.
Well, "Yell at", but it's in the same family.

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