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July 22, 2014


“He walked maybe six feet in the door when he pulled his shorts up, something caught the trigger and the gun discharged into his leg.”

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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He misses 24 so much that he had to shoot himself in the thigh.

Thigh shot? Drink!

"I shot who in the what now?"

I've heard of a "short round" before, but not quite in that context. :P

All kidding aside: I wonder if the guy's shorts had a drawstring that got caught in the gun's trigger? That happened to a Tennessee state trooper a couple of years ago; the drawstring on the cop's windbreaker managed to find its way into his holster, and when he attempted to shed his jacket the luckless statie Bauered himself with his own Glock.

The only reason he didn't get a Darwin award is that in Texas, they don't believe in evolution.

*snork!* @ Wes: he "Bauered" himself

“It’s dangerous to stick a gun in your pants.”

Hey, don't tell directors in Hollywood that.

Which leg? Has he gone off half cocked?

Texans wear shorts? Wouldn't they look funny with the boots and the hat?

Open Carry = Darwinism in Action

Ouch. Well he didn't shoot off his manhood by accident anyway, but still not good.

No safety on?
He's lucky he didn't shoot his head off.
'Course, he wasn't using it, anyway.

I own firearms. I live in Alaska where it is practically a crime to NOT carry a concealed weapon. I carry 'bear insurance' when I go into the woods. For the life of me, I don't understand the whole 'open carry' thing. They must be compensating for something. Whom are they trying to impress?

It is concealed carry with a permit, in Texas.

And yes, Cro Magnon and not gonna change.

A clear case of "cocked and (not) locked" ... he was nearly de-cocked becuz he failed to properly de-cock his ordnance ...

Or ... whutever ...

A gun in alaska is needed, a gun in texas is only to make up for your tiny manhood.

@padraig: He would have been better off open carrying...if only because he would have actually had to use a holster instead of just sticking it down the front of his pants.

Unlike cars, guns are covered in the constitution, so you don't have to pass a test to get a permit?

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