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July 24, 2014


Giant ketchup bottle up for sale in southern Illinois


(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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That bottle clearly says "Catsup".

My cat has been up for hours!

Unrefrigerated since 1949.


I would offer to provide it a home, but my fridge is too small.

I could see Oswego, Illinois, adopting the bottle. It would help when giving directions to the soccer and baseball fields.

"Take a left at the street after the catsup bottle. You can't miss it"

Just don't put it on a hot dog in front of Clint Eastwood.

Shouldn't that bottle be in a refrigerator?

That would go nicely with these...

I hope Dave"s right about not having to refrigerate ketchup.

The minute this goes on sale, I'm buying it. It's the Gaffney, SC Peach. I think it looks like a butt. I hope I can say "butt" on the blog.

The stuff still won't come out no matter how big the bottle mouth.

I survived college in early '60's by eating leaf lettuce smothered with Brooks catsup on white bread. Company went bankrupt a long time ago. Now owned by a Canadian company. Still available online. Still sold in grocery stores in Kansas and Missouri. I picked up 15 bottles of it last September while on a trip to Kansas City, KS. Greatest catsup made!

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