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July 29, 2014


This Bluetooth-Enabled Vibrator Might Bring Us Closer to Computer-Engineered Orgasms

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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When techies talk about a "totally plugged-in society," they aren't kidding.

And while we're on the subject: Do you really want Skynet in charge of your orgasms?

but what if your teeth aren't blue ?

Does it play Pac-Man music?

Those devices are getting TOO SMART. Imigine the day will come, when instend of "FU" he or she says
"drop dead" in anger, and the vibrator says, "as
you wish" and electrocutes the "partner"...

Will provide lots of exciting inspiration for murder-based TV shows and movies, however.....

It's probably just me, but "..teledildonics..." gave me the giggles.
Anyone have any tips for getting wasps out of a cable box? Other than moving.

jan - try switching on BET

*SNORK* @ lilgirl

Gee thanks ligirl. Now I've just snorked yogurt down my nose. Resident border collie thinks it's Christmas.

I don't think "tooth" should ever be in the same sentence with "vibrator" and "orgasms".

Jan: Spray ether (starting fluid) or a CO2 fire extinguisher in the box, or put the whole thing in a bag in a freezer. You don't want to use any oil-based or water-based insecticide on electronics.

The ether/CO2 may just flush them out, but stunned enough so you can stomp them. Just use enough of it -- a little squirt just gets them mad.

I thought that Bluetooth means "hands free", at least that's what I have in my car.

Ralph, how much is enough? Will a long squirt do it? And then I have to stomp 'em? OK. Tell my children I love them. Just kiddin'. Hubby's away on business so gonna get Stan next door to have a stab. He teaches swing dancing classes in his basement, so's up for pretty much anything that involves danger.

When it's finished, this app starts the cigarette-lighting app.

You go ligirl! Gee, Jan, my Border Collie is a yogurt freak, too. Actually, she's just a freak.

With a Bluetooth vibrator, do you stick it in your ear like those phone nerds do?

Anyone who owns a computer knows the issue of "Computer-Engineered Orgasms" was solved about 5 minutes after the Internet became available.

So, a guy teaches swing dancing in his basement? Sounds like an unsub on Criminal Minds.

Next question, thanks to ligirl, is how do I clean all of the coffee I just spewed onto my keyboard?

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