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July 28, 2014


Liverpool giants: Thousands visit 'farting' Grandmother

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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The German's did use Big Bertha on the Brits in WWI, so this seems a perfectly logical centenary event.

grandma's lookin mighty 'perky' iykwim

Scent of vanilla? We should be so lucky!

Vanilla farts?? She must be eating right!

Royale Deluxe performers? Big Mac Theater.

i saw the flatulent marionettes open for lou reed.

Evidently art has run out of things to say.

So, are British accents still classy?

This is o/t but..
*HUGS* nursecindyfanclub. I've missed you! You always make my day too. Thank you.
As for this, I think Liverpool needs to get out more.

Hey, thanks from all of us. That'd be...

Well, we are a very select club.

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