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July 25, 2014


Russians lose control of gecko sex satellite

(Thanks to Jeff from Pittsburgh and Warren Anderson)


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I saw Zero G Lizard Sex open for Whitesnake a few years ago

So far they've discovered that the weightlessness speeds the geckos' lovemaking, saving them time by 15% or more.

This is how man boldly goes where no man has gone before...?

Wouldn't it be neat if you vist that sattelite in a couple of million years and the geckos have evolved into talking lizards, capable of selling you insurance ?

"I'm sorry, Vlad. I'm afraid I can't do that right now."

-- from "2014, A Space Orgy"

They were insured, I assume.

Any chance we could get them to send Maxwell the pig up there the next time?

another reptile dysfunction: headed for uranus !


Space: the final front/rear.

'guess what day it is' ?

Hey, I sent that in too! And probably so did thousands of other people, to be fair. :-) How can you see "gecko sex satellite" and NOT send it?

Also, SNORK at AmoebaStampede (which will probably be the next thing the Russians send into space).

Is it wrong to ask if they have a webcam?

No video for me please

My name is Shmit and I don't give a ....

There's gotta be a movie in this.

And here I thought crows were the only animals in satellites of love.

(Thanks, Renee – preparing all the tiny space helmets for them as we speak.)

MST3K reference FTW!!!

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