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July 29, 2014


Just, ew.

Advisory: Ew.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Now we know where the Michelin Men go when they retire...

My new Facebook cover photo.


That "cracked" me up. I know, I'm sick.

that got Don Draper fired.

not often we get to see uranus from the inside out

That's a bunch of crap.

I'll double Dave's "ew" and throw in a "yuck".

Dave, cash in. They obviously took a lesson from the blog.

There must be a joke about Congress here somewhere, but I'm too lazy to think of one.

Calling Gene Weingarten.

Usually the way it works with prison is you get pinched and then end up in the block, not the other way around.

"Turdles". Hah!

Oh my word. What people think up.

What the f...

Oh good grief.

OTOH, my inner 12-year old thinks it's hilarious.

"Thanks to Barry." Yeah, right!

Now that's what I call anthropoomorphism.

I'm still stunned at the story - instead of viewing constipation from the human's point of view, they wanted to view it from the excrement's point of view.....

It's time to engage Jack Bauer to fix yet another Chinese problem!

Advertising is shit.

This has got to go.

Fascinating. Did someone just paint this thing and it was somehow seen by an advertising exec, or did some advertising exec have a bad dream and ask an artist to paint this? It's like a case study from Psychopathia Sexualis.

"Turdles" has a long history in that it was how we described the little rabbit-droppings that typically appeared in our younger daughter's diaper.
My father about died laughing when he heard us use the term. Then, he died. I hope the events weren't related.

Am I the only one who thinks they look like chocolate ice cream cones?

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