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July 08, 2014



(Thanks to the s.b.'s son-in-law and alert shopper, Blake)


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I have seen those in the as seen on TV items but I like the taco salad maker hmmmm bacon bowl I don't know. Maybe it would be good.

I saw this in Walmart yesterday. No way I'm buying it. There's this amazing invention called a muffin tin.

"Honey, will you stop and get some ice cream on the way home? If it turns out their slogan is false then I think we've got a nice fat settlement on our hands."

This would be great with a healthy salad!

Yeah, that will sell well in the Middle East.

When I saw the DIY version on television, I rushed to tell my friends so we could all share a hearty laugh at the te-totally dadgumbed gross unbelievable stupidity of it.

Of course, now that I know you can get them readymade...

have you seen the one for "dump cakes?" (giggle, chortle) i swear that lady MUST be honey boo-boo's grandma.

Cooks "in the toaster"?!!

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