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July 27, 2014



(Thanks to Joe in Japan, who says, "I bought it at my nearby convenience store just in fact for the photo. Not sure if I will drink it since it could be a refill for something. Or the name of a film I might have seen in college. Hopefully it is a before and not after.")


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Who needs friends when you have....

Imagine the carnage if you mixed that with Red Bull.

While driving to a dance in Morehead KY in 1970, we passed the local theater which had an important "C" burned out.
I asked if anyone in the car needed to go to the Morehead inema, but everyone else was OK.

plune juice ?

I checked at 711 hoping to find some.

Ligirl snork and bravo!

I'll take the entry from France: Pschitt - the world's most carefully pronounced soft drink.

Upon further review, the products probably have similar ingredients.

Use Pocari Sweat for a chaser


For more like this, may I recommend: http://www.noapologiespress.com/presents/asiandrink/ for your viewing pleasure. My inner reprobate demands that I reread the taste descriptions every once in a while. Perhaps these guys should review the fine beverage pictured in your post?

MoviPrep in a can?

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