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July 01, 2014


We're in Salvador, which has a beautiful historic district, which last night was full of soccer fans drinking and eating and also drinking.

  Salvador street

We found a hotel occupied by our hated ancient enemies the Belgians, who you will not be surprised to learn are affiliated with Satan.


Here's a decorative fountain next to a pleasing array of porta-potties.


We'll be at the Big Game today, chanting our traditional chant: "Hey, Belgium! You can go to Hellgium!"


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But the Belgians invented French fries. And make amazingly good beer!

I like their waffles. Their chocolate is pretty good too.

Send the Belgians home! But leave their beer here!

According to the always-reliable Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the inspiration through a time-portal of Wikipaedia, "Belgium" is the most obscene and offensive word in the known universe, and possibly in all the unknown universes, too.

The pictures are nice looking

This being the first day of Free agency Fight Night WrestleMania 7, the Belgium's from Hellguim have contacted 'the people' of LeBron, Wade, Bosh, Allen, the Heat's really tall guy and the Heat Dancers. A deal is in the works and somebody is going to hell by the time you get back.

NHL free agency does not start until noon.


The referee is from Algeria, whose only regulation loss the whole time they were in Brazil was from a country that rhymes with Schmelgium.

If you're wondering what difference that might make, well, ... read this

I am secretly very fond of Hercule Poirot, who is a Belgie. And technically not real. So I plead insanity, or at least mild bookishness. Also, the butler did NOT do it; it was the guy you thought had an alibi.

A Belgian invented the saxaphone. I have absolutely no idea why or how I know this. Also, Napoleon got really pissed off at Waterloo.

Oh, that Salvador.

Ms. Flukey, I'm also a big fan of Hercule Poirot and his little gray cells.

i'll be watching the game at a sports bar and interpreting any interesting commentary for my belgian friends.

yes, i speak belch. i'm fluent.

All this trouble for a game of kickball.

How much longer does this agony go on ?


65 days til REAL football kicks off

Hear, hear, ligirl.

Univisión does not have today's games online in a free broadcast.

well the belgies won, so the WC is over for us, back to the NBA drama queens, [lebrony we do not want you in Portland go away princess] and the countdown to real football, when my Oregon Ducks go undefeated and win the Natty! [and kick the Stanford Tree's azz in Eugene]

Boycott Brussels Sprouts!

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