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July 22, 2014


Appleton bar ends 'Lingerie Night' after kidnap attempt

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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I'd heard that guy was a menace.

Before you guys get too excited here's one of the bartenders in costume. Blog ladies? If you ever Google "men in underwear" make sure you're sitting down before the results are shown, iykwim. Wow!

Well, the name is enough to get the blood flowing.

Reminds me of that story about the young lady named Mary Elizabeth Cumminsky who enrolled in a college that automatically created email names with the first six letters of the last name, followed by the first-name and middle-name initials.

She went to Arcadia college (beaver.edu). Or so the story went.

NOW he finally gets interested in Margaret, but too late. Maybe Good Old Mister Wilson can bail him out.

Key Quote: "Eager to Close the Beaver"


I'll let y'all copy/paste this so I don't get flagged as Sxxxxx Pxxxx Axxxx Mxxxx.

I've got to admit I'd probably try a bar that named itself the "Eager Beaver". :)

Ms. Flukey: that's the one I noticed too. That should have been the headline.

*smacks* nursecindy

Anyone got any extra eyebleach?

'police have been called to Eager Beaver Bar 69 times'

- of Course they have . . .

He was eager for some beaver. Good thing that she did not get snatched.

Ah, Appleton. Gateway to Ashwaubenon. Probably Sheboygan, too.

Why am I not surprised of the bars name. Eager Beaver. It makes me wonder what the barmaid looked like.

Probably have flat asses.

Another important historical note from this important story of importance:

"Carter's Caboose has always been down the street ..."

That's pretty much how I remember Jimmy.

The acorn never falls too far from the tree and the tree never falls too far from the beaver?

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