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July 25, 2014


Moose Spit is Antifungal

(Thanks to Bart)

We saw Moose Spit and the Antifungals open for the Monkees.


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It's also a topping available now at Baskin Robbins.

Mention of the medicinal value of it's spit was a controversial subject decades before during the publication of, Of Moose and Men.

"I'll have a large pizza with everything but the mushrooms."
"You got it. ...Mr. Moose? Get in here."

MT, I suppose "Moose Spit" ice cream is more appetizing than "Moose Tracks".....

Moose spit is also... people! IT'S PEOPLE!!!

Moose Tracks keeps my buddy's athletes foot in check.

Though a moose may have
Such great expectorations
He is no fun guy

*WAVES* at Meanie!
I cannot tell you how many times we ran out of alcohol in the emergency room and had to use moose spit instead. We charged extra for it too.

*Waves back at nc.*

no meanie - this one's a fun gal

But, it's an anti-fun gal....


my moostake

bet she's got a nice rack tho

Tolnaftate spray is available at Dollar Tree. It's easier to use the can than to find a moose to slobber on my feet.

I knew it rang a bell.

" Bazely applied moose drool to samples of grass... Within a day the drool-covered grass was producing fewer toxins."

Well... who wouldn't ?

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