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July 30, 2014


Turkey Deputy PM Says Women Shouldn't Laugh in Public

(Thanks to Nelson from Michigan)


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... while pointing at his crotch.

oh, stuff it

or sneeze, or fart, or dance the macarena, or diagram sentences with sidewalk chalk, or attempt to board public transportation with fewer than five (5) chickens, or play soccer against acient greek philosophers in a monty python sketch, or fly a kite on wednesdays unless the weather is just too balmy in which case rule 7b applies which is the...

Hilarious! #MedievalSavages

What does he think teenagers were obsessed with before television?

How about blushing and averting eyes while laughing? While chaste? Can we go with that?

Snork@meanie. So true. If they really want to enforce this they should put up some clips of Will Ferrell's movies. It would do it for me.

"TV is making young people obsessed with sex. I may see a woman laugh in public and immediately think that she is a slut, but young people are obsessed with sex."

Ok I don't know where to go with that!

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