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July 14, 2014


An Apple A Day Improves Your Sex Life.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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...the researchers analyzed 731 “healthy young sexually active Italian women”

My mind, where's my mind. I know I left it around here some place.

Please publish names and addresses of the 731 healthy, young, and sexually active Italian women (for research purposes only of course)

Hmm, something to do with apple butter? Not sure how the apple works for a woman, but, at least, she wouldn't have to core out the center like a man has to.

Sex a peel?

But what happens if you want to have sex with a doctor?

I am going down to buy a bushel of apples

Another thing to improve women's sex lives...saying, "yes."

I don't know about this research. All my apples have a headache.

Good one Ralph.
This gives a whole new meeting to 'hard core sex'

the researchers analyzed 731 “healthy young sexually active Italian women”

The Marquis has friends who consider that foreplay.

beware the crabs

"You've been a baaaaad apple... a bad, BAD apple!"

I bet this housewife eats her apples.

I'm glad they got to the core of the issue.

Fine, if you like Granny Smith.

*THROWS* manual tomato into a cold shower.
This is just a thought but, if everybody quit eating apples and chocolate to improve their sex lives maybe they'd have more time to go out and meet other people.

She was rotten to the corp.

But beloved by the infantry!

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