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July 29, 2014


Restaurant hires girls to walk crabs

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Somehow street walking and crabs just seem to go together.

Please curb your .... crab?

There are some nice arrrrrrses there...

Snork @ Mrs.Flukey...

I remember that famous comment Khan made in Star Trek II..."Crabs are a dish best served ...cold!"

Wait, I think I got it wrong....he was talking about revenge....

Meanwhile, in Russia....

Things got REALLY out of hand when the burger joint down the street heard about the idea.

Truth in advertising - "eat here and get crabs"

When I was a kid crabs were something that you tried to avoid!

Girls with crabs - very appealing!

I think walking crabs or bananas is a very good way for'them to get some exercise. Or they could dance to my wonderful hip hop and rockin abs music...

Those girls are going to get tired of walking sideways.

How will the girls react to getting pinched ? (By the crabs you dirty old....)

Seems the old Mao suit is out of fashion - a good thing.

Crabs are the politicians of sea life.
When faced with a real problem, they go sideways.

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