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July 28, 2014


 Russia Regains Control of Gecko Zero-G Sex Satellite

(Thanks to Nelson from Michigan)


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bet they made jack bauer do it: he's been held captive now for 2 WHOLE HOURS !

I hope they had some of that there Gecko insurance that goldurn ding-whackin' gecko is always tryin' to sell on the teevee. I don't need it myself because I don't have no dang-blasted geckos to insure.

Not only that, but they saved 15% on their new insurance...

90% success rate... the male gecko must be young

Now playing: David Bowie's Space Oddity.

Didn't Zero Gravity Geckos open for Apollo 100?

OK, we all know where this is heading only, this time, Godzilla will have a much better grip on the buildings he is destroying.

First country to put a camel and a dancing bear into space wins !

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