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July 29, 2014


Freddie Prinze Jr.: 'Unprofessional' Kiefer Sutherland Almost Made Me Quit Acting

(Thanks to Allen at Division and Richard Klinzman, who says, "Incredibly, this did not warrant a bullet in the thigh.")


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Well, a bullet to the thigh would have quickly brought Freddie down to Kiefer's level...

That said, FPJ probably already deserves a bullet to the thigh for his role in those horrible live-action Scooby Doo movies.

And a bullet to the *other* thigh for taking Sarah Michelle Gellar off the market.

Interesting. According to this Keifer is 5'8.5" tall and his father is 6'3.5".

Maybe that's why they don't get along.

Or maybe Freddie just doesn't drink enough.

Not only that, but he almost got shot in the thigh..twice!

He complained to Fox writers, who were, unfortunately, imaginary, one of Fox's secrets.

My friend met Kiefer and Robert Downey jr back in the day. He said they were the two biggest losers he ever met, and he ditched them at a bar.

I can't believe anything bad about Kiefer. He plays such a kind, gentle, and loving man on 24. I won't listen hummmmmmm( humming...)

Now Jack has a reason to escape the gulag.

According to Mary Jane Rajskub, aka Chloe:
Much of the cast and crew became like a family, she noted, "But we never fully hung out or fully had a conversation the entire time."
Yep. Sounds like a family to me.

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