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July 15, 2014


Thanks to all of you who participated in this season's Jack-a-thon.

No, wait, that doesn't sound right. You know what I mean.

Thanks especially to The Amazing Steve, who was unusually amazing this year. I think we can all agree he did better than the writers, who should have followed the First Rule of Dramatic Plotting, as explained by Euripides: "When your hero has defenestrated the main villain and her son, it's time bring down the curtain."

Anyway, Audrey's gone, Chloe's free and Jack's in Russian captivity.

Above all, Edgar is still dead. For now.

Everybody get back to work.



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Kudos, yes, for Steve, and for Dave's reminders for us to watch (not that I needed them, but surely some exCTU guards might have needed reminding)

But what happened to The Override Device? How can we possibly get back to work when there's a missing The Override Device out there that can control the weapons system of every country in the world!?

Dave, don't forget: the latest Russian subplot didn't even frisk Jack! He could have half a dozen genades, multiple handguns, throwing knives, you name it under his jacket.

It's not over yet.

I see some truly epic Russian dashcam videos coming...

Thanks! I really appreciate it!

Mark my words, the next " 24 " will feature a voodoo chicken.

@ Trent

The override device was either: destroyed when cheng wuz busy shooting adrian and hassling chloe; destroyed when jack went all samuari on the ship's bridge; recovered by the CIA/Brits when they collected Jack's body count from said ship. like the cordila virus form S3 ... it will never be seen again ...

I watched part of this last night and couldn't WAIT to read the posts here today. They're the best part of "24" for me!

Override Device? It was on Craig's List this morning. Slightly used. Batteries not included.

There aren't enough kudos in the world to settle up with the Amazing Steve. Hey, that could be a plot; one set of terrorists after another seize control of all the world's kudos . . .

I forced myself to watch the first episode this season, the first (and last) time I had seen the entire show. After that I read Steve's amazing summaries. Last night I tried to watch the season finale; after 10 minutes I had to turn it off and read about it again. My congratulations/condolences to everyone for being able to stomach this drivel while sober. The commenting is great, but where's the MST3K version of the show?

Hey @Ralph, if you don't like the show why do you bother boring us with your asinine comment? Simply demonstrating you are a sciolist? (Look it up.)

Perusing the BBC, it looks like Chloe is working in Iran.


Thanks Dave and co. Love reading your commentary!

I love this blog so much (been reading it since 2006) and even though I love 24, reading these racaps makes it 100 times more fun!

Thanks Dave and Amazing Steve for another awesome season! Let's hope Fox picks it up for another season!!!

Has anyone informed "Guillaume" that this is a HUMOR blog, or should we just laugh at him?

I miss Marwan.

Am I the only one who noticed the OBVIOUS continuity editing error in the final scenes? Approx. 10:52PM - 11:00PM in London, the President sees off Audrey and it's suddenly daytime? Jack was in the dark on the ship, but meets the Ruskies and it's daytime all of a sudden? Can anyone explain this? Dave?

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