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June 30, 2014


It's tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern Payback Time. Be here, or have a gigantic rear.

so... this was supposed to be on Wednesday... but because the s.b. was not paying attention, it turned out to be tonight, and this was not properly posted. mea culpa. mea culpa.


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We were here but missed you alot Dave. The posts are under last week's 24 thread. I'm waiting for the Amazing Steve to make sense out of all the shooting. I'd also like to know where the Chinese guy came from.

so, apparently i was supposed to know it was on mondays this season.... guess now i have to confess i NEVER WATCH 24 :)

It's OK, Judi: Chloe was having an off night, too...


We got by on the stale crumbs from last week!

I liked the crush of eyeliner so much, I twittered over it ...

LOL, on the Dave Barry live-blogging of 24, Gennita Low made reference to "Chloepatra eyeliner," causing mine to run. Mary Lynn Rajskub

— danceswithvowels July 1, 2014

I think Amazing Steve is in Rio, as his blog is dead
that last four days....

If my Latin is correct, you can't blame the s.b. AND say mea culpa.

Just FYI Judi: 24 has been on Mondays at 9 since 2005.

thanks jeff. it's always lovely to add a little salt.

I'm still trying to figure out why the show is considered to be a romantic comedy.

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