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July 07, 2014


I'm flying home from Brazil, so I won't be able to join you for tonight's episode. Also I missed last week, so I have no idea what's going on. I don't even know for certain whether Edgar is still dead. I hope the plot still involves highly competent agent Kate Morgan. I'll try to catch up next week. Meanwhile, you gals 'n' guys have fun in the comments section, and be sure to stick around for the always amazing recap by The Amazing Steve.


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I was not expecting that picture of Steve.

Having seen a brunch menu where all the dishes were names after characters in Orange is the New Black, I humbly submit:

The 24 Subplot Reunion House of Chicken Menu

Jack Bauer Chicken Thighs
Shot through with flavor

Chloe O‘Brien Roast Chicken
Generously garnished with black olive puree

Margot and Ian al-Harazi Flattened Chicken
Served on a special concrete platter

Simone al-Harazi Chicken Fingers
Served with a red dipping sauce

Steve Navarro Chicken Breasts
With a hidden stuffing of Chinese vegetables

Mark Boudreau Rolled Chicken
With a hidden stuffing of caviar

President James Heller Five Spice Chicken
Or was it four spices?

Adrian Cross Hacked Chicken
Decoded from a secret recipe

Audrey Heller Raines Boudreau Tragic Chicken
Sometimes it’s burned, sometimes it’s underdone... it never comes out right.

The next season of 24 should take place AT the World Cup, so Our Fearless Leader (no, not President BigAsk) will have no excuse!

Looking amazingly competent, Amazing Steve!

If Amazing Steve looked like that he'd never leave the house. Another great picture of the Manilow.

It's the camera angle.

Checking in! Form your perimeter! Get ready for me singing!

No, wait, you don't want me singing. Just shoot me now.

does anyone know of a place to watch 24 if one, say, didn't have cable?...i'm asking for a friend, obvs. thnx :)

I never realized Steve was so hot. NTTAWWT.

I am confused. What part does Andi and the four home visits play in the 24 plot?

All I know is if Chloe doesn't tase her jerky terrorist boyfriend tonight I'm taking all her posters down.

24 should be airing on your local FOX station.

Pam made me hungry...

I'm here, Jack. Entertain me.

Checking in -- All fingers accounted for!

Checking in. Comments feed page was being odd for a moment on my computer.

The Amazing Steve has great legs....WOW! ;)

All hands on deck!

Pam; A Jack Bauer Martini:

Beaten, not shaken or stirred.

Hope everyone had a wonderful July 4 weekend!


J A C K B A U E R P O W E R H O U R !

(To "Circle of Life", from "Lion King")

From the time we started watching the show
And thinking, what will happen next
There's more to be shot than can ever be shot
So we shout and are ever perplexed

Some say stab or be stabbed
Or just kill or be killed
But we all agree, as we start to foresee,
The writers are just not that skilled.

It's the circle of plots,
Not the Wheel of Fortune.
It's not a repeat?
We're all full of hope
'til they find a twist
With the Chinese sub plot
It's the circle, the circle of plots!

Some drink at a "Perimeter"
And all of us groan at Awwdrey
And the show writers don't really care
That we want more than just tawdry

We've put too much into the show
Tons of snarky comments have been made
But with the season end coming 'round the bend
It appears like we all have been played

It's the circle of plots,
Not the Wheel of Fortune.
It IS a repeat!
We were full of hope
'til they find the twist
With the Chinese sub plot
It's the circle, the circle of plots!
Not the Wheel of Fortune.
It IS a repeat!
We were full of hope
'til they find the twist
With the Chinese Sub Plot
It's the circle, the circle of plots!

With the Chinese sub plot
It's the circle, the circle of plots!

Brought to you by: JackSack™ ("JackSack™ will not be made into a cheap Chinese knockoff!") and ChloeSack™ ("ChloeSack™ won't be fooled by any imported plot lines!")


This "24" intro was brought to you by "Scar's Scares": Just when you thought you could keep a good sub-plot down, RAWR! I'm back, baby!

my viewing will be discrete!

Hey, you guys are all here this week! I looked for you last week and the blog wasn't working or something. So, I threw a couple of people out a window and I felt strangely better...

Kill Cheng!

awwdrey still has bad grammar

jack and ME, not IIIII....oh audwey....

Maybe Cheng can take out Audrey???

Wow, Amazing Steve. I think I'll have you tonight.

"They sank my battleship!"

Look at the dent Jack left in that truck when it hit him.

Song or Rolund....errr Tropichunt... Well done !

So we have several nations very, very mad at President Oldtimers tonight. What's new?

Alright, gunfight in the first minute!!

Emory has an NSA Depot! Bet they have some good sales, with the exchange rates.

With All those shots fired, Jack should have killed a platoon by now.

There be a whole lot of dead Russians !

Damnit, Chloe, quit sulking and do something!

Sigh Chinese sub plot


I love it when our bad guys all talk in English with each other.

Uh oh- Cheng sighted Baw-Wah...

Uh oh...the Chinese now know Jack's on the way. They might as well give up.

Always check your override devices for tracking devices! That's Rule #1 of any evil henchman.....geez!

Mean Cheng man has sharp eyes!

Wow, Jack's handgun sure holds a lot of bullets.

There be a whole lot of burning Russians !

Who's on fire?

Cheng to Chloe: "Do not cause any more trouble than you are worth."

But wait: Didn't he just say that Chloe's knowledge was invaluable?

Uh oh

Should one hell, "I'm out," in front of the enemy?

It's nice of Jack to pretend that them showing up helped him. We all know he had the situation under control

Six point two!!

Wait, Cheng said Chloe's brainpan has extremely valuable contents, then said she shouldn't cause more trouble than she's worth. Talk about mixed signals!

Yell not hell. Although...

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...DAMMIT!

Uh oh again

Jack is NOT out of breath! He is cooling global warming while taking out bad guys at the same time.

Dammit! Drink!

Google Maps is wrong again, dammit! Siri, you're in such big trouble!

Good thing that wasn't one of Dave's toilet phones....they don't record evil henchmen talk!

...The Chinese can actually deploy a carrier as far as Gibraltar? Wait, what?

Cheng is not as dead as you think he is, President Alzheimer...

This just became personal for Jack. There were no survivors.

Pres: "Could someone tell me what Jack said again ?"

uh-oh, awdrey's getting angwy!

How is Audrey not crying yet?

Audrey is not alright

What is the word of the day, everyone?


So, the override device gave that order?....itself?

Well, now Awdrey is freaking out again over Cheng's survival (I know, how can you tell?).

And gosh, but Mark's guilty look is just so hilarious, isn't it?

Hmm...Audrey seems to be having a lot of people coming back from the dead on her today.

Sino-Russian confusion. President's Alzheimers is really kicking in.

dammit! drink!

dammit! DRINK! ok..well..nevermind it wasn't Jack.

Dammit? Is he the black Jack?

mark better catch a fast train out of town...

Heyyy, Boooodreau!

Jack is mad at Mark. There were no survivors.

Rule Question: Do you just drink when Jack says dammit or when anyone does ?

Oooooh...Chief of Staff D-Bag's in trouble now!

Uh oh, wait til the prez and audrey find out

Somebody said Dammit! Drink!

Any dammit is good for a drink in my book, LeDud.

Mark is so screwed.

...BTW, did they ever let Airman Scapegoat out of the brig yet? Or is he still locked away in durance vile and forgotten, like what's-his-name who was entombed in the wall at CTU HQ back in Season Five?

Dude, we don't care how you say it, it's creepy!

Another question: You take a drink when Jack shoots someone. What if Jack sets them on fire as the result of a shot ?

Can we override Awwwdrey?

So, Mark's gonna get a separate bill on the Devane Framily Plan now, isn't he?

Mark is so dead.

Think the Override Device would get rid of the Black Dot of Doom at the bottom of the page?

Two drinks, LeDud!

LeDud: That's a flaming shot.

Chloe looks unhappy!

(Who would participate in a social experiment called Utopia? Those never end nicely.)

"we have history"

And the Chinese speaks English to the Russian. Yesssss!

Cheng and Boris. Like moose und sqvirrel.

Another cargo ship? That's SO Season 5.

Diva inna house! Waiting on thigh shooting and other crazy action.

Get to the docks!

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