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June 23, 2014


Teddy Love


(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Teddy's always ready.

Batteries not included.

". . . work environment"???

“Have you ever seen someone walking through an airport, in a restaurant, or in a place of business, with a large adult toy visibly protruding through a handbag or briefcase?”

Um, no. No I haven't. And let's keep it that way.

"...a large adult toy visibly protruding through a handbag or briefcase?”
Sure I have. It's called a "smart phone" and the younger people in my family get way more pleasure and spend way more time playing with them than I did with any of my play things.

Beddy Bear

Pooh was always after that honey pot. Quest no longer.

What would Ranger Smith say?
Plus, I sat through that whole video presentation and never heard the word "washable."

Can't they just watch old videos of Elvis in Hawaii? What do I know?

Is there an anal attatchment on the pooh bear model?

Oh, Gawd, please tell me it's machine washable. Can you imagine having to take it to the dry cleaners?

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