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June 17, 2014


Here's Mrs. Blog's report from the excellent game yesterday.


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Been a while since I saw word 'plucky' in print.

Nice job Mrs. B.

Now get back to massaging Altidore's hamstring.

"Group of Death" needs to open for somebody.

I need new glasses or else I've been following this blog for too many years. I read one line as "86th-minute header from the unlikeliest of herpes". Eesh.

Yes, well done Mrs. Blog and well done Team USA! It was a real nail biter.

Well done, Mrs. Blog.

@wanderer2575 - I saw them at a festival with Disaster Area. The planet still isn't habitable.

Could Mrs. Blog please have a word with the England manager and ask him to move Rooney back to midfield for the next match? My 90-year-young Aunty Muriel over in Yorkshire says when he plays on the wing he's about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Last night, the sports channel whose name rhymes with "Dustpan" called this "Football", but where are the cheerleaders, the wide receivers, and, most importantly, where are the New York Giants?

Someone, the ghost of Howard William Cosell is crying just a little.

Great Write-Up, Go USA

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