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June 29, 2014


There was a lot of security last night at Maracana stadium in Rio, where Colombia played Uruguay. As it happened, while the stadium was filling with spectators, the Brazilian team was playing a very tense overtime game against Chile in another city. So the security forces in the picture below were watching that game on a TV set inside a police van. I could have walked past carrying a bazooka.

Cops watchng game

We had good seats for the Colombia-Uruguay game. Here's a picture I took showing a player kicking the ball and another player falling down. This is the essence of soccer.


The crowd was overwhelmingly Colombian, and they were very happy, because their team won 2-0. Here are the people around me reacting to one of the goals.


We'd heard all kinds of scary stories about how dangerous Rio is, but so far we've felt safe everywhere. This could be because Jesus is watching over us.



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Um, why is Jesus wearing a dress?

(NTTAWWT, naturally.)

Meanwhile, judi is back in Miami filing stories about poop investigators. Seems like a somewhat uneven distribution of labor, if you ask me.

"I could have walked past carrying a bazooka."

So, just like Miami.

If I am seeing this right, Jesus has left Chicago.

"I swear to Me, I was once symbolized by a fish this big."

'security' van picture is hilarious !

Two of the cops have their hands on their pistols, in case the TV needs to be shot.

In January of this year, the statue of Jesus was waxed by lightening.

Just like Mexico being eliminated by the Netherlands today, is that karma?

We were eating lunch today when an uproar came from the kitchen staff when Mexico scored. Fortunately we were long gone by the time they lost.

I'll be curious to see if the high interest we are seeing (Dave, the Colombian fans in Jackson Heights, Queens were way more excited yesterday) continues after the US is out of the tourney.

Cool, but I'll bet their halftime show doesn't have wardrobe malfunctions.

That statue scares me. I mean, what happens if He decides to clap His hands?

haaa the security for hill and barack go out and get hammered so this is better by far....

Wolfsong: Clap on! Clap off! The Clapper.

"And in the news tonight, the entire country of Brazil was suddenly plunged into a massive power failure...."

Are you sure the cops weren't in line for donuts, or the Brazilian version thereof?

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