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June 26, 2014


A technical explanation.


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And Beethoven wrote it.

I didn't read the by-line at first. When I got down to "reasonably fit" I scrolled up... sure nuff, wroted by the Blog Hizzelf.

My friend went to high school with Van Morrison and said he was stuck up. She danced with Ray Davies and said he had sweaty hands. IMHO she was too pretty and scared them both. Hi Maria!

I wish the word Booger could have made it into the Wall Street Journal.

my mom laughed.

Ah yes. 'Gloria'. Reminds me, haven't listened to the Doors version in a looooooong time.

But, being ever so slightly serious here on the subject of Van Morrison (my fellow Oirishmun), "Moondance" is the best f***ing single ever. Absolute perfection for exactly the right amount of time. Anybody who covers it is a masochist, because nobody is ever going to beat the original.

And his tribute to Fats Domino - what was it called again? - oh yeah, "Domino" - is pretty darn great too, pad.

Dave makes a cogent argument, which means he is probably still on his first six-pack.


Dave seemingly has terrible taste in music.

I'm sure " Louie Louie " is a close second.

I kid you not, I first heard Gloria sometime in the late 60's by the group The Shadows of Knight and I obtained that record from the side of a cereal box. The record groves were assembled on top of the cardboard from the box. The entire mechanism was bent and square from the perforated punched out portion out of the box, but played a wonderful warped recording of G-L-O-R-I-A. I listened to the warped version hour after hour.

Dave's version is more warped.

I have auditory dyslexia and always thought this song was about a gorilla.

It's not about a gorilla?

I understand Beethoven's Gloria got the crowd fairly rockin' when he hit the line
Domine Deus! Agnus Dei! Filius Patris!


Yeah, that F#minor in Nowhere Man....what a pain!

I really enjoyed the peeved commentators who were put off that such drivel would find its way into the WSJ. "No Sensayuma", as they say.

*welcomes manuael tomato on the geezer bus*

The Shadows of Knight were an American group that did a cover version of "Gloria" (I have 45's of both versions).

Shadows of Knight single released in December 1965 (later included in the album Gloria). Reached number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1966, topping the original in the U.S. only in areas where Them's version could not be played, because it contained the words, "She comes to my room". Some radio stations objected to this, most notably Chicago's station WLS. The Chicago-based band Shadows of Knight's version replaced this line with "She calls out my name."

And stay off my lawn!

- in excelsis dave-o . . .

ligirl, is that from that song,

"Dave-o, Da-a-a-ve-o,
Deadline come, and me work from home."

The definition of "Great Rock Music" should include any music that can be recognized when played by moderately talented musicians in a garage.
By "moderately talented musicians", we, of course, mean they can identify, correctly, their instruments.

As Dave pointed out, if you take E-D-A and consider adding in F#minor and rearrange the progression to F#minor-E-D-A you have this Lennon-McCartney-Manilow masterpiece.

The best McCartney Lenon Manilow song ever written in the previously unknown key of key ManilowF#m

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