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June 26, 2014


Flushmate has received 304 reports of the product exploding, which has resulted in both property damage and 14 impact or laceration injuries.

(Thanks to Westonator, "long time listener, first time caller")


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"The toilet was a Flushmate III, a bran that is the subject of a voluntary recall issued two years"

Surely they meant to say "Brand"

@poker - Given the topic, maybe not.


(♫ 'you say flushmate-o, & i say flushmaht-o...')

The Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Flushvalves needs to do a better job of testing these things.

I blew up the bathroom last night, but that was more of a gas attack than high explosive.

That would depend on the direction of the wind there wiredog

It's just a matter of time before the attorneys' ads start showing up on television: "If you or a loved one relieved yourself in a Flushmate III toilet, you may be entitled to compensation..."

Blame a cockroach.

*Puts scented candle in wiredog's bathroom*
wanderer2575, don't give them any bright ideas.

Oh my.
I guess I owe Taco Bell an apology for that one.

Oh, how I've missed your exploding toilet stories. I'll bet it was lo-flow, too.

@Diva "I'll bet it was lo-flow, too."

Pressure assisted toilets are intended to compensate for the low flow. I don't know if it was this particular brand, but there was an article about these a while back in the Tampa Tribune. These store water at full line pressure in a sealed tank with an air cushion, and then flush with a loud roar. Money quote: "This thing will flush a cat."

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