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June 27, 2014


I'm posting this solely because I like the way this building looks.



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Very cool architecture!

Appears to have been taken by a Fujifilm X100S camera too, which is also very cool looking!

That structure was described in the song, Do You Know the Way to San Jose. Maybe it was celebrated too.

It has a certain " Hey, sailor " thing about it.

♫ When my baby
When my baby smiles at me & I'm in Rio
De Janeiro,
Love ya, baby , but yer teeth look like a beasta - Need Dentista!

It looks like it's wearing blue eye shadow.

Reminds me of the woman on the Drew Carry show

Big practice, apparently. Limited entirely to Uruguayan soccer players.

Looks like it's saying AAAAHHH

Is that the girl from Epanima? Oh sorry, that's a bush.

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