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June 25, 2014


Screaming man found with dead raccoon in Mukilteo

(Thanks to B'game)


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It all sounds pretty normal, but what happened to the marshmallows?

this would be more interesting if it were screaming raccoon found with dead man in Mukilteo.

The dead raccoon was taken into custody but the man wasn't? Well, that's Mukilteo for you.

He was last seen getting on a bus? What were the cops thinking? "Oh, there are marshmallows? In that case Sir, you are free to go..."

As a side note, I actually used to live in Mukilteo. My experiences there were generally raccoon-free.

Screaming man found with dead raccoon in Mukilteo...How he got in my Mukilteo I'll never know...

I saw the Dead Racoons open for Country Joe & the Fish just after Woodstock. It was a fiasco.

i showed up for work one day and there were police cars in the parkng lot and our alarm was going off... a raccoon had been living in the ceiling above my office and early that morning fell through. his running around set off the motion sensors. animal control removed it, but i still had a mess to clean up. it looked like he landed right in my chair.

I saw Screaming Man and the Dead Raccoons warming up for Screeching Weasel back in '88. Helluva show.

Hey! He's gonna sit by you! Another one rides the bus.

There is something incredibly poetic about this story:
Screaming man drags dead raccoon on a leash in public and when apprehended encircles it with a ring of marshmallows. When last seen he is boarding a bus.
In Mukilteo.

I used to live close to Mukilteo.

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