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June 24, 2014


Dylan Maxwell Barry is a month old.


(Dylan is the one on top.)


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Great photo! But I'm suspicious of Dad's hair, seeing as Dave has told us that newspaper journalists trim their hair with Bic lighters.

He's so cute and they both look so happy. I do believe Dylan has his Grandpa Dave's eyes.

Five bucks says his first word will be "booger"

How long before he gets his first blue shirt?

Baby Blues?

Gomez: He has his father's eyes.
Morticia: Gomez, take the out of his mouth!

Already taller than is father.

Dad, apparently, is a high-stakes gambler.


What a cutie!!!!

The baby is cute too. :)

Aw look, he's picking grubs out of his daddy's scalp! That is SUCH a great bonding activity.

p.s. to wanderer, the Dad in that picture is not a journalist, he is a computer geek. So he does not trim his hair with a Bic Lighter. He uses a bluetooth-enabled laser guided drone with six spinning razor blades. Guided by his smart phone.

Only one month old and he could already form a more effective perimeter than all of CTU.

Nice hat. And thanks (sincerely, no sarcasm) for not naming him Danger something or other.

Oh look at his hair. The baby is so cute. Yeah I agree booger will be in his vocabulary and he will know all about low flow toilets. He will be wearing cute little blue shirts. (lol)

Look at the tiny toes!!!!! :)

HAPPY for you all! thank you for cute photo :-)

Is that the Maxwell of Maxwell's curl equations? Looks like it.

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