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June 27, 2014


Homeowner assesses damage after 14-inch artillery shell enters house

Key quote defying the laws of physics: The gun range owner says the weapon was fired safely by professionals at a downward projection. 

(Thanks to ken fineberg)



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That's like calling this guy an "intelligence professional".

That happened to the MythBusters once. Turns out that non-explosive rounds can bounce...

That particular weapon had never been fired on the range before.

I'm thinking it shouldn't be fired ever again, but what do I know? I'm not a ballistics expert.

A) What the shell?

2) I want one of those.

Bet that homeowner was dancing with excitement after the round hit.
Also, when I investigated health nuisances, a typical response would be, "I can do what I want to on my own property and it's none of the guvment's bisnes!"
To which I would reply, "How about shooting a gun aimed off the property?"

And if it had been armatures?

I'm wondering what civilian gun range would allow the firing of a 105mm howitzer, under any circumstances.

I'm also thinking that the headline writer is just about as "professional" as the morons with the howitzer. A "14-inch artillery shell" is the sort of thing fired from a battleship cannon...and if one of those had hit that house - even an inert training round - there wouldn't have been much of a house left.

This is obviously some strange usage of the word "safely" that I hadn't previously been aware of.

Actually, they were aiming at Kansas but the shell fell short.

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