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June 22, 2014


Here's her story on today's USA-Portugal game, and here's a feature on Portugal star Ronaldo (boo). And here's her blog, with some photos from the Amazon city of Manaus, which she reports is cool and funky.

Also: Go USA.


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"Even in a tournament loaded with 736 world-class soccer players, Ronaldo stands out — and not just because of his narcissistic bare-chested goal celebrations, winking, muscle flexing..."

Time out while Mrs. Blog takes a quick cold shower.

Mrs. Blog here! I just posted some more photos from Manaus...here they are..

How about some insightful and in-depth coverage of professional wrestling ?

Key words from Mrs. The Blog: "...if the wifi is good enough".

I didn't know Brazil was wired by Verizon!

Now, now, everbody together:

"Thank you for visiting us, Mrs. Blogggggg...."

Beats me why the blog is ticked off about a nice young man like Cristiano.

Detractors call Renaldo Cristina, because of his supposedly effeminate looks, but he is a deadly striker. He is actually very athletic, and USA has to be very careful.
Anyway, I believe that America can win.

Renaldo is very good. Incredibly talented. But watching him, I now see why he is mocked so much in England. A LITTLE melodramatic when he misses and a bit of a preener off the court.

Hope he finds his tube of OxyScrub before the next hi-res close-up.

WE WON, oh we let them behind us at the end after we were ahead to score an easy one, that is the kind of amatuer poorly-coached crap that got us booted the last thirty years. HEY german coach-dude, what up with having no defense at the end???

If only that "coach" would have selected Landon Donovan....

Hey, my first "Soccer isn't Football!" comment ;)


"Prevent Defense" works about as well in soccer as it does in American football, doesn't it?

That was a monumental choke. A "Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl" choke...


I think the only reason Klinsmann invited Donovan to training camp was so the rejection of being left off the team would sting that much more. There is no love lost there.

Soccer IS football, because there is a ball ( a spherical object), moved around by a foot, while in American football there is no ball and foot is not used. It is a misnomer.

Cristiano Ronaldo is not .

That was supposed to say:

Cristiano Ronaldo is not Ronaldo .

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