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June 20, 2014


Kraft recalls some Velveeta, saying not enough preservative

(Thanks to Jay Brandes and bcduval)


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I have Velveeta from 1978 on the shelf with my Twinkies. Are you saying it's not still good?

I remember a lie I often tell of being a kid and eating a brick of Velveeta and smoking a box of cheap cigars and not lying under the kitchen table feeling constipated and sick as a dog for several hours.

Thank in advance.

Good times, eh?

You mean the Cheese That Will Not Die is feeling poorly?

Who knew building materials needed preservatives ?

Just add a few more jalapenos before meltin it. Problem solved !

You mean you are supposed to eat that crap?

I once had a friend (He's now in jail, long story..) who "liberated" several bricks of government-issued cheese. Somehow, one of these wound up being given to me. Let me tell you, Velveeta was like a fine wine compared to this stuff! You had to consume your mac and cheese while it was still very hot, otherwise, the cheese "clotted" so hard, you literally couldn't get your fork out of the bowl. It would set up in mid-stir.

I swear I am not making this up.

PirateBoy that's what we call "rib-sticking" food.

NurseCindy: That too shall pass, eventually! ;)

A more accurate headline.

You know what else doesn't have enough preservative? Awwwdrey.

I'm watching the rebroadcast of "24" tonight, and she's looking pretty wooden. Acting pretty wooden, too...

Not to get too philosophical, but if a "cheese" that comes in a box doesn't have enough preservative, can it even be called Velveeta?

Garg...I believe the proper term is VelveetaStyle CheezLike Food Substance (insert your own random registered TM bugs, quotation marks, and asterisked explanatory biochemical and legal clarifications)

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