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June 25, 2014


A man shocked the breakfast crowd at a Queens McDonald’s Tuesday when he strolled in with a knife stuck in his back while chatting on a cellphone.


(Thanks to Janice Gelb and Jeffrey Brown)


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All he wanted was a meal that would stick to his ribs. Or in...

One of the rare times New Yorkers actually took notice.

Actually, he wasn't just "chatting" on his phone. He phoned home to say his goodbyes in case he didn't make it through to the next meal, but he did.

The video they had on the news here showed the blood dripping down his back, but he is going to be OK.

"Right, so that's a sausage biscuit, a small coffee, and a McTetanus shot. If you're interested, our Happy Meal theme right now is Grey's Anatomy, so you can choose gauze or sutures as your prize."

Given the usual wait in the emergency room, eating before you go in is considered proper by us.

They also offer pamphlets in English and Spanish to help with the wait. The pamphlet "Now that you've been shot" or "No le dé su nombre real" provides many useful tips.

Oh my gosh isn't that awful. Geez.

Looks like somebody pinned a fish to his back with a knife.

Probably just famished after a morning in divorce court.

Big Mac the Knife?


*Snork* at PirateBoy!

You can get anything you want at mcdonalds restaurant

And only 83% of the patrons and workers asked him to buy their lotto tickets.

the one fun time I went to D C General Emergency Room with my stupid room mate who stuck his foot thru our glass coffee table, [idiot]
It was blood-gore fest 2000. They treat the Worst-First, so we were there a goodly while, and I got to see the odd bunch of stab/bullet wounds, yee haaa murica.

I'm lovin it. It's deep. baby!
So just stab me in the back!
It's good to eat McRibs Jack!
Micky-up your day!

==New McDonalds promo song

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