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June 23, 2014


Here is where we stand;

President William Devane is dead. At least we think he is. Evil Terrorist Mom shot him with a missile in Wembley Stadium, which is usually fatal. But bear in mind that back in Season 5, he drove a car off a cliff, and that wasn’t fatal. Also, characters on 24 tend to have remarkable healing properties, although it seems unlikely that this will happen to President Devane, who is now apparently in several million tiny pieces.

Or is he? There are rumors on the Internet that his death was faked somehow -- that maybe he was actually a hologram, possibly created at the last second by Chloe, or that Chloe manipulated the drone camera. And if we can’t believe Internet rumors, what CAN we believe?

In any event, Jack Bauer wants PAYBACK, baby. No more Mister Only Mildly Psychotic Guy. We are very excited about this.

Meanwhile in the mole plot, that guy whom Navarro sent out to get killed might not actually be dead. This is probably very important but we have no idea why.

Agent Kate Morgan continues to be a vital plot element.

Edgar is still dead.

We will be posting updates here as events warrant. Stay tuned in the comments afterward, when the Amazing Steve will make everything clear.

UPDATE: OK, at the moment our cable is not working. We are not going to name our cable provider, which rhymes with Fomcast. All we will say is that WE CURRENTLY HAVE NO CABLE SERVICE FOR WHAT FEELS LIKE THE 337TH TIME, although to be fair it is probably only the 334th. But in any event, if we don't get our service back, obviously we will not be joining you live tonight. This may mean that, rather than forego our commentary, FOX will simply not broadcast tonight's episode. We sincerely apologize. Your call is important to us.

UPDATE: OK, we definitely do not have cable tonight. So we will just do what people did in the olden days, when they did not even have TV: We will slit our wrists.

UPDATE: So I gather from the comments that President Devane is not dead. Good! Except now there will be more Audrey.

UPDATE: So I gather from the comments (SIGFTC) that there was a perimeter. Perimeter! Actually, this is not a bad way to watch the show.

UPDATE: SIGFTC that Jack just threw somebody out a window and I MISSED IT.

UPDATE: SIGFTC (thanks, Jeff Meyerson) that Jack threw Margo AND Ian from the window. So I assume they're dead, but who the hell knows?

UPDATE: SIGFTC that nobody gets the Sprint ads. 

UPDATE: SIGFTC that not a lot of actual stuff is happening.

UPDATE: SIGFTC that Chloe kissed whatshisname and ew.

UPDATE: So I finally watched this episode. Whoa. Excellent Jack action.



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Wait, There Aren't Going To Be 24 Episodes In This Season? Then Why Is It Called 24??

@ Edna

i mean, literally. he had, wot, 12 min. of screen time?

Yes, Dave! Jack was a defenestrating fool tonight! Good thing Pinky McStubbs wasn't there, or "baby with the bathwater," if you catch my drift.

This your guy? This his blood?

so... did I miss anything?

Navarro lied, repeatedly, Kate. Wake up.

Jordan's acting is a little stiff.

Leaving the pub so early, Chloe?

Chloe, you do NOT want to do this.

She's a dark one

oh no, Chloe going dark -- and not the good kind of 'can't find her' dark!

What does she see in Adrian???

I'm here. I...forgot President Forgetful died! I...FORGOT!!!!!!!

Send him to the tech room. Then kill him and steal it.

Good to see you Gennita! I think Chloe has gone to the dark side.

This is now CSI

CIA's mole infestation is as bad as CTU's ever was.

For some reason this guy is upset that the dead dude bought his clothes off the rack instead of buying name brands.

Your man was taken out by a professional...that lets Navarro out.

That "come on" from jack was...odd

Jack has his Bag o' Death again....Navarro knows there's trouble a brewin'!

Navarro has about 10 minutes ...

Navarro is a total traitor. He's worse than Margot. At least she admits she's a terrorist.

Wait...President Forgetful also forgot he died last week?!!!

I. Am. Confused.


Yeah, 12 minutes sounds about right.

Right with you, Jeff. Better an honest terrorist than a mole.

Navarro is an OK pharmacy. And a traitor.

Dave, Fox has been re-running the '24' episodes on Friday nights. I know it's going to be anticlimactic, but you may be able to see this episode on Friday night, provided your cable TV is back on by then. ;)

FYI there are 12 episodes, not just 10.

Trent, Chloe fell for Adrian because he found her "GPS" spot.


Can anyone be three quarters traitor instead of total?

Thanks, Trent! Will watch Friday night...if I don't forget.

@ rock


GLOw, Chloe did some magic and ran some kind of loop for Margot while President Forgetmyselfnot hightailed it.

Gennita, President is alive. It was a hologram.

the device, he thinks, i want it, i want it, i want it....i WANT it...

Navarro is sweating g little guild droplets.

This just isn't about drones

LOL to rockin01!!!

Awwdrey is the weakest link. GOODBYE!

No you don't, Jack. Audrey is going to distract you so Novarro can steal toe McGuffin.

No Awwdrey!!! Navarro is going to get away!!!

NOOO! not Awwdrey!


"little guild droplets?"

awdrey is emoting.....she loves her daddy...jack has to go go go.....i think they are still in love.

Ah...24 went Startrek. I knew it was out of this world.

Can I ask...who has got the drones now? The nine-fingered daughter?

Poor little innocent device tech.

Navarro is love-starved.

The sleeper hold! He's using the sleeper hold!!

Is Navarro f@cking kidding? What next, bury the guy in the wall.

man bag versus man bag!!!!!

That analyst is going to be stuffed in a wall and forgotten about for the rest of time

steve's manbag is a nice beige....jack's is black.....

Navarro has the Bag of Death!

Well, I hope Audrey is happy now. She helped Navarro escape with the device,

the manbag of death..i like it...

"No one comes through here"?

Yeah, like that would stop Jack.

Yay Jack! Screw the beuracracy of escaping the building.

Guns! Shooting!

This looks like that episode on Fringe when the building was all doors. The pocket universe! Yeah, 24 is in a pocket universe.

Green lights! Chasing! Shooting!

Run, Javj, run!

Why doesn't he call somebody and tell them Navarro is bad???

Run, you chicken fat, run!

Can Steve please get hit by a bus?

Beige is not a good bag o' death color. IMO.

Is Chloe going to be a dead drop?

Trent, that would make way too much sense!

Chloe is going to freshen up.

What's with creepy guy and Chloe?

always asking why why why....it's annoying....

Escape of the Mole.

Kiss of death!

I still wanna know what the heck is up with Chloe's semi-suicidal goodbye call to Jack. That worries me.

I hope Chloe has her taser...

That is the most SLIMY kiss I have ever seen on Jack TV.

Ewww. That was a Drop Dead Kiss.

What? No silent clock for Chloe's dignity?

Deliver us from Adrian, by Jerry Bruckheimer.

blech....mouthwash is called for....does jack have some in his manbag?

Yuck! Not sure I'm down with the new Chloe?

Dave s cable was out for Chloe's creepy kiss

So the Drones plot has now changed into The Mole and the Missing Drive plot?

If Adrian is all anti-government and stuff, why does he have a ginormous and ridiculous Merc on which he must pay excise taxes, commuter taxes, parking taxes, "I'm big and German" taxes, "I drink a lot of petrol" taxes, etc.? Should an anarchist drive a Smart car or something?

Dave, after Crazy Mom and Jordan fell out of the window the action sort of stopped. It does look like Chloe has a new boyfriend though.

Chloe, you picked the wrong terrorist to cozy up with.

So... did Simone survive?

We also have Mark and the Russkies to put to bed.

@ homey

mebbe she's being a mole to get to adrian!

/yeah, that's the ticket -- i hope ...

Tropic, that was an OUTSTANDING intro tonight. Bravo!

At least it's not beige.

Boy, now I'm indignant of the crocodile tears she shedded for Maurice and her child.

*Snorking @ homeybeef*

Guns....shooting....and a nuclear sub! NEXT WEEK!!


Oh wait! The Drones plot has become a Nuclear Submarine Plot! Awesommmmme!

Next week we go underwater because the air attack didn't work

Or was that Jack's submarine we just saw? //shocked //blushed

Uh oh. Chloe plays with the Manilow submarine.

24 is going nukeular!!!!!! WwaaaaHHhhHHhOooOOOO!!!

They are going to nuke the moon.

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