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June 16, 2014


Here is where we stand:

Jack Bauer managed to save Simone (code name “Pinky Stump”) from her Evil Drone Mom, who tried to kill Simone with missiles in an excellent car chase that required Jack to requisition two civilian vehicles, whose owners will no doubt be fully reimbursed by the United States government for any collateral damage caused by missiles or getting punched in the face. Jack is now supposed to meet with President William Devane, who appears to be about to turn himself over to Margot in exchange for not wreaking any more special effects on downtown London.

The Russians still want Jack.

Navarro is still the mole and is doing mole things with that other guy. We frankly do not understand this part of the plot.

Agent Kate Morgan is still very capable.

Edgar is still dead.

We will be providing updates during tonight’s episode as plot developments develop. Stay tuned in the comments afterward for The Amazing Steve’s amazing recap.

In conclusion: Go Heat USA soccer team!

UPDATE: The Amazing Steve writes that "If you count the movie Redemption, tonight is the 200th hour of 24."

UPDATE: "These are more like Kaiser rolls than doughnuts." Ooooh, BURN.

UPDATE: Who the hell turns in doughnuts with NO FILLING??? 


UPDATE: President Devane is lucky Jack didn't deck him.

UPDATE: OK, with all due respect to the writers, why would Terror Mom care what anybody thinks, seeing as how she is a psychotic mass murderer?

UPDATE: "So wake the bitch up." Whoa.

UPDATE: This is really not Simone's day.

UPDATE: "We need a drill and a soldering iron STAT."

UPDATE: Mark of course can get the codes for Wembley Stadium. 

UPDATE: So is Audrey in charge of the government? Or what?

UPDATE: The Secret Service detail plugs right into Jack's phone.


UPDATE: The president, like everybody else on this show, heals in seconds.

UPDATE: Right. It's easy for the president of the United Freaking States to walk away from all his security. Because they never think to cover... the back door!

UPDATE: "Geez, Jack! Do you always have to PUNCH everybody?"

UPDATE: Jack don't need no stinkin' pilot.

UPDATE: Jack don't need to get no clearance from no air-traffic-control authorities.

UPDATE: Errand boy strikes back!

UPDATE: Apparently the safety is off. 

UPDATE: It's just a gaping chest wound. He'll be fine.

UPDATE: TAC Team 7 is my favorite TAC Team.

UPDATE: Didn't Kate get stabbed in the leg like 90 minutes ago?

UPDATE: It's nice the way Terror Mom praises her son when he reactivates the drones.

UPDATE: Fortunately, a helicopter landing in Wembley Stadium would not draw any attention.

UPDATE: Is it just me, or does Audrey have weird nostrils?

UPDATE: This is some very fine overacting.

UPDATE: Seriously, something has been done to those nostrils.

UPDATE: "End of the road, Jack." WHO WRITES THIS STUFF?

UPDATE: Chloe has managed to resolve the data pack into three screens! BUT WE'RE OUT OF TIME!

UPDATE: And the president is tackled by Wayne Rooney!

UPDATE: I bet they're glad they got the Facial Recognition App for their drone.


UPDATE: Next week: PAYBACK. Take it, The Amazing Steve.


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Brain damage runs in the family.


Heller: WHere I am? I'm going to the latrene...

Is Heller gonna call his son Richard, or was he Behroozed?

Trent, I thought I recognized that photo but I couldn't remember where it was from. Thanks!

Doughnuts are in my wallet, thanks.

Was that a commercial for a commercial that will air next week?

It's easy to distract the Secret Service, Jack. Just send in some women and hotel room keys.

We need to make more drones that fire doughnuts.

Yep, Homey, I think so.

Is Prez Forgetful really going to let Jack drive?!

Ednamode, Heller would call his son Richard but right now he thinks his name is Bob.

Homey, I wouldn't put it past them.

I don't think he was that young in Knots Landing.

Good point, nc. What about Bob?

@ Edna

mebbe he o.d.'d long about day 6

I don't remember Knott's Landing. When was that? '70s? '80s?

Cracking up at Darksarcasm's Knots Landing comment. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Soft? No. Just figuring out when Audry's going to be his next victim.

Where's Chloe?

Jack, here's your TicTacs

OK - saw her.

He's sending Jack the "gay code"?

the gay code for wembly ?

- nttawwt

Jack doesn't need good luck, come on.

Blogchik - per IMDB, Knots Landing ran from 1979-1993. Yes, Devane looked a lot younger on that show....as I recall, he was Ava Gardner's son.

@ Blog


Steve the Mole is real convincing. But then, Jordan is too stupid to live.

Who tried to kill you? It wasn't me, was it?

Oh, Drop Dead. You are so Dead now.

The mole's gofer is a goner.

Phone booth guy is a dead duck.

Do move. Now.

Blogchik, Knott's Landing was a spin off of Dallas. It followed Gary and Val Ewing.

Wow! Bauer got front row tickets to Wembley!

Considering he's an American, no easy task!

I wonder who else will be in the lineup?
Loved the concert Luther gave there!

The president is a transformer ?????

He forgot to check for change from the phone

This is gonna hurt you more than it hurts me.

lol 'yikes' - really?

President Big Ask cracking the jokes!


Don't worry about the pain, Mr. President. You won't remember it.

There is no Hail Mary in soccer, Mr. Prez.

Arm stabbing. I'll take it.

Jack does surgery too! What a guy.

Jack got the Presient's blood on his hands...so to speak....

Now the mole will just crawl in there and hide...

At least the Presidential transponder wasn't in a more sensitive area....

Jack as a surgeon... He might actually start taking bullets OUT of thighs.

These people have amazing clotting abilities.

absolutely sure about what ?

Jack draws blood.


Are you absolutely sure ? Yes Jack, I have Alzheimers.....

Those looked like schematics...can we drink?

Yes. A cap is enough to hide the President.

In other words, no Pres is not so sure, Jack.

President looks like he's going fishing.

Jack has his murse!

Works for me, Pat! *drinks*

So are there cameras in this building? No? Alright then

Snork @ tropichunt guy (THG). Maybe we could get AMazon to deliver them by drone....

OOOOhhhh Jacks got that dohickey from Harry Potters...

i know the USSS does not come off very well in 24 often ... but this is ... bordering on white house frogmen ludicrous ...

I think all our POTUS should wear a hat like this. And smoke a pipe.

Did Jack say he has to go to the bathroom?


Gee, Jack! Golly, gosh...

Is there anybody Jack can't knock out in a single punch???

Wow, the first half-hour flew by in, like, 80 minutes...

Jack FINALLY goes inside a bathroom.

*drinks on general principles*

30 minute break. Refill....


Who wants to bet dear Mark tells everyone that Jack kidnapped the President? Shoot on sight.

*drinks on general principles*

Posted by: Jeff Meyerson | June 16, 2014 at 09:32 PM


Geeeez, Jack! Omergerd!

Did Chloe go back to America? They haven't shown her in 30 minutes. I hope Jack has her new cell number...

"This week's exhilarating episode?" Are you talking about MasterChef?

Yeah, rockin, we seem to have time dilation ...

Whats this chicken fat crap ?

Dud, what? Jack got a hickey from Harry Potter?! Well there's some slash fic that needs to be written. Of course Rule 34 determines it already has been....

i hate exercise commercials after 9pm

I don't get the "chicken fat" iPhone commercials. WHAT'S THE CONNECTION???

:Go you chicken fat go:

What ATT% And Apple think of us.

Won't buy from them....

Drones shooting hot Krispy Kremes down on an unsuspecting populous. It would change popular opinion on our drone program!

I hope Jack can kidnap Mark and do a swapperoo for Pres OldTimerz.

How cool would it be if Jack was in the Planet of the Apes movie?

Send Jack to the battle the Apes!

Was thinking the same thing, Sig. Wondered what or who they were lampooning these past few minutes. Any guesses?

Not another frickin' ape movie.

Can't you just see Jack take on Voldemort, though? *sighs dreamily*

@funny man They showed her sitting in front of a laptop in one of the multi-shots. Probably getting in a quick League of Legends match.

Diva is feeling the effcts of demon rum.....PERIMITER DAMMIT !

Olé olé olé olé ad...

And we're back!

Or maybe feed the Apes some doughnuts. Is it doughnuts or donuts?

High ^a Gennita.

Who is this General Principles guy, and if he's cute may I drink on him, too?

It got dark FAST!

Chloe, download my Sikorski training module!

SO far they've kept it between like 20 people. Good job keeping secrets, guys.

So now 3 people know besides Jack and President BA...

Is that the President? I almost didn't recognize him in that hat.

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