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June 04, 2014


Gospel music drives North Carolina woman to ax stepfather in the head

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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She can always claim ""the devil made me do it".

Then her head can spin around three times. That ought to coinvince the jury.

Regarding the picture, I didn't know god made honkey-tonk angels.

Stay off her lawn!

yeah she didn't look too sorry in that mug shot...

I live about 10 minutes away from where this happened. Fortunately for her Gaston Memorial Hospital has an excellent psychiatric unit. I would also like to add that a little Gospel music goes a looooooooong way.

Totally justifiable, especially if it was a screeching Tammy Fayer Bakker type. "Oh, I've walked through the VALLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYY...!!"

He was Old and In The Way.

Lizzy Borden took an ax and gave her mother 40 wacks, when she saw what she had done she gave her mother 41

The family that prays together....

He can be thankful it wasn't Manilow.

Oh I got a pig, home in the pen, corn feed him on, all I need is a pretty little gal, to feed him when I'm ow, ow, stop hitting me with that ax!

Fire on the mountain, run boys run!

My in-laws are in their late eighties and need a driver for long distances.
They know that I am a lifelong Godless Heathen, so my MIL will occasionally start spouting hymns from the back seat in my direction. For hours.
This lady is totally justified.

This lady's picture is haunting and defies any attempt at humor by me. It's like looking into a very bad place to be.

Just wait till Justin Beiber's Christmas album comes out.

Did she listen to the music backwards?

I usually just stab myself in the head in such situations.

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