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June 24, 2014


Car-sized haggis smashes World Record

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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"We're gonna need a LOT more scotch."

There is not enough scotch in the world...

I saw Car-Sized Haggis open for Lulu.

I truly believe my ancestors left Scotland just to get away from Haggis.

It takes lots of guts to eat Haggis.

At the annual Scottish Festival near PirateLand, the featured act is often the folk group "Bad Haggis".

Sadly, the venue serves Haggis in a cup, which is both wrong and nasty at the same time.

I've never tried haggis.
That's all. Probably have that carved on my headstone.

We're gonna need a bigger garbage disposal.

Haggis is delicious! Before you get upset about "pork and pork offal", ask yourself what's in a hot dog?

I agree. I ate haggis back in the late 70's and had no ill effects. And I'd eat it again.

But then, I like tongue too.

Digger, my hot dogs have beef in them. I don't eat pork hot dogs for that very reason.

nc, I take it one step further - my hot dogs are kosher. Hebrew National makes the best ones (especially when you add some deli-style mustard).

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