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June 25, 2014


I'm off to Brazil for the next couple of weeks to engage in journalism. I'll be posting sporadically from there. Judi will also be blogging stuff if she is not too busy.

Please try to remain calm.


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Wait a second. Doesn't school start in a week?

Nooooooooooooo! I guess I picked the wrong week to stop drinking. Can't you take us with you?

Please keep us abreast should you be charged with any drunk and disorderly conduct charges. Or anything involving breasts.

Don't bite any soccer players.

Dave you have a birthday coming up too while you are gone.

Um, ok then Dave.....can't wait for those sporadic posts, especially if you get pics of women wearing bowls of fruit on their heads. I've heard they do that in Brazil. NTTAWWT.....

omg, President Devane's dastardly deception is driving the Blog to Brazil!

Quelle horreur!

Other than carnivorous players, soccer is boring. Can't force myself to watch but will read Dave.

Do they broadcast "24" in Brasil?

More journalism......PLEASE!!! ;)

But...but...but what about 24 on Monday?

*panics - drinks*

Bon voyage.

Jan, that was just wrong.

Be sure to pack a swimsuit. Maybe a life jacket, too. Body armor. And sun screen. Everyone forgets sun screen.

Socks? Socks?
After all this time the answer to the joke question, "Is anything worn under a kilt?" is socks?
I'm a straight guy and even I am disappointed.

*smacks Jan with a bag of wet dog poo*


Is something happening in Brazil...?

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