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May 05, 2014


Large bird tries to fly away with pet dog in Central Wash.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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In the bird's defense, the dog COULD be considered carrion luggage.

Rap, rap, rap
They call him the raptor
Rap, rap, rap
You know what he's after

They have been known to go for the head on animals too big to pick up, and circle back to land and eat them. Good thing she got to the dog first.

I saw the Eagles warming up for Skinny Puppy back in 2000. Helluva show.

Oh Annie....

I thought they wrote it was Larry Bird (that Celtics player).

Nobody knows the Truffles I've seen....

one less yappy dog is a good thing.

OK, from now on, the Crack Puppy is only allowed outside if she is tethered to the ground.

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