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May 28, 2014


Warmer weather makes women randy

(Thanks to Phil McAvity)


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I blame credit global warming.

Well yeah I agree that warmer weather has its moments. Like under the stars and skinny dipping are a couple of ways.

Theresa, do you have any pictures ? (do I feel greasy....)

Turn up the A/C, husbands.

No, turn up the heat.

- and surely you're not calling me randy

I have friends who live in Florida.

Used to be, you'd have to go to Sweden for that sort of operation...

That picture causes every male organism in our galaxy feel more Randy inclusive of the rare 'prefer blondes' amoeba.

*SMACKS* LeDud. Theresa is a sweet person and I will not let you corrupt her. btw, it's 90 degrees here in N.C. today. Just in case anyone is interested.

Nobody is interested Cindy


It's 108* here in Phoenix today.

The problem with this scenario is, at hot temps, men need foreplay that includes beer.

Women not so much.

They're forgetting about chocolate.

If warm weather makes women randy, does
Randy make women warm?

Randy, I think, was of the those "Village Peoples"...

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