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May 30, 2014


Police want to find car-attacking raven in Maine

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I predict that the police will find the raven Nevermore.

must be a raven lunatic

I witnessed a Robin attacking his reflection in a shop glass door once. The shop owner said he'd been at it for three days and he was getting worried.
That dang copybird will not leave!
(Also, I remember as a child, trying all of one day to do something, anything, that my shadow would not copy. I succeeded when I walked into the shade and he did not follow.)

has this been tweeted ?

Birds, goats, it seems like there is a real crime spree developing!

Film at 11

They were looking for Scooters. (see other blogged items)...

Could it be because the Maine state motto is " Ravens Suck Bigtime " and it's on all the license plates ?

Wow, shades of Hitchcock.

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