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May 29, 2014


Don't hide dead bodies in the toilet, British Airways cabin crew warned in BBC documentary

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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That's right! Put them in the rocking chair

Sounds like a Monty Python skit.

give them a vodka and tonic, a Daily Mail and eye-shades
Works for so many situations.

I wonder how they test the applicants' on corpse handling. Does someone 'volunteer' to be the dead passenger?

If a steward has experience with more than one in-flight corpse, does that make them the designated Corpse Whisperer?

I think they would give the corpse a stiff drink.

aren't they considered 'carrion' ?

Alaska Airlines provides frequent flyer miles to customers who are transported as cargo after they pass on.

It makes no sense to me that if they're worried about the dignity of the corpse to give them a drink & the Daily Mail. If the dead person is a Guardian reader being seen with the Daily Mail is way more undignified.

I always thought you should put them in the galley
elevator. And if they won't fit, you get out the carving knives....

The article left out the important part I learned when working at a travel agency. If someone dies on a flight/tour/etc., the first thing the cabin crew/guide should do is cancel the reservations ahead.

I don't know, Ralph. I have reservations about that policy.

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