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May 31, 2014


US Airways flight forced to make emergency landing after Truffles the service dog relieves itself twice in aisle - making passengers vomit

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Bad dog, Truffles!

I must say, he looks like he isn't ashamed at all.

Having faced the devil in the fiery pit of Hell, AKA looked in our first daughter's diaper, I laugh at their discomfort.

wasn't that a star trek episode - 'the trouble with truffles' ?

Poor dog.

we have to get a grip with the Service Animal thing, good gahd an entire flight of people taken out of their lives for this, and who will never fly this airline again! Someone start a no pet/no kid airline and get rich!

I was astounded by the numbers of entitled people who decide their pets are "service animals" when I worked at an airport. For some reason, when they put the vest they ordered off of Amazon on their pooch they magically don't have to clean up after them. After all, it IS a service dog! And the airlines have to cater to them. They should have to present documentation to have their pet designated as such. I noticed the article didn't mention why the seriously unprepared human needed a service animal. And why wasn't the precious owner carrying anything to clean up after her dog when he disgraced himself?

This is what happens when you feed a dog airplane food.

First that, now this.

Maybe 'Truffles' likes to eat great quantities of truffles.
That would account for the smell. But, with truffles going for $148,000,000/kg maybe my theory needs some adjusting.

Maybe the dog was merely expressing his opinion of the airlines?

It doesn't always have to hit a fan for all hell to break loose.

He must have had the fish.

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