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May 28, 2014


In the above video uploaded to YouTube by The Clean Indian, you can see their Pissing Tanker in action. The group, whose members wear masks to conceal their identities, patrols Mumbai city with their giant yellow water tanker and sprays water on those urinating in public.

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Music by Herbert L. Waterfall.

Clankie, I thought his first name was Peter ..?

I saw Pissing Tanker warming up for The Cramps at CBGB's back in '79. Helluva show.

That's probably a good idea. Strange that they urinate in public to begin with

According to a previous story today urine isn't sanitary.

Not exactly a revelation I would think!

Urine is sterile when it comes out but, it is also a good growth media for what ever it happens to encounter once it sits for awhile. Ick.

Some of the newer Starbucks have a side entrance designated as The Street Pee Café.

Urine is not sterile in or out of the body, but I suspect the water in the tanker is much less sanitary -- it's India.

Probably from the Ganges. Nothing to worry about.

No, send it to New York. Then Paris.

a yellow water tanker... or a yellow-water tanker ?

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