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May 06, 2014


Saw this in a parking lot near my house last night. If Darth Vader drove a pickup, this would be it.

Weird Truck


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It appears to be missing it's wheels. Unless their so small that you cant see them they're.

Appears to be an abandoned vehicle

May(be) the 4th left it ?

It has no door handles, the tailgate is welded shut, the wheels are there but tucked up into customized wheel wells and it has a power amp and a sub-woofer in the bed behind the cab. My guess is that it isn't the work truck of the local plumber and I'd say that the local kids know better than to mess with this vehicle. Definitely an early model of the TIE fighter. The blog needs to move to a better neighborhood.

Ole Darth's Force needs more horsepower. For the AC he's going to need in that truck in a Miami Summer.

Our lawn guy has one equipped with a very loud light saber resembling a leaf blower.

Hopefully not Sophie's date...

Can it make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs ?

More like Dark Helmet's pickup.

Tatooine does have utility model Land Speeders. These are not the steroids you're looking for.

Wonder if it can bounce up and down ?

You can get the same effect by letting a bulldozer run over your truck and then setting it on fire.

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